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TWLOHA at University of Central Florida

Photo by Kamen Wolf Jamie’s sense of humor was apparent from the moment he stepped onstage, a tiny, slender brunet in a blazer and TWLOHA tee, announcing that he dropped out of University of Central Florida (to pursue his career), … Continue reading

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the past few days…

The past few days have been really hard. I keep alternating between two different moods, thanks to my Borderline. 1 I push everyone away, am angry or sad, don’t trust anyone, feel like breaking something, or 2 I’m desperate to … Continue reading

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On Suicide

This is a written piece by a very dear friend of mine. She was in an incredibly dark place when she wrote this. She is resiliient. She is the bravest person I know, for not only has she survived, but … Continue reading

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How To: Help a Loved One Cope With Her Mental Illness

Thanks to the devastating stigma attached to mental illness + the lack of research on most disorders, coming out as suffering from a mental illness is terrifying. Your loved one trusts you enough to have divulged this information. Bravo! You’re … Continue reading

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I wanted to die

Warning: This post discusses suicide + therefore might be triggering. Another note: Please understand that I am NOT suicidal anymore. I’m fine. It’s something that hits me, out of the blue (because I have Borderline Personality Disorder). I am NOT … Continue reading

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‘Hold On To These Words’, Or How Music Saved My Life

WARNING: This post may be triggering (contains discussion of suicidal thoughts). Photo by Me I sat at the lake, feeling melancholy and pensive, but mostly just tired… Tired of life. Tired of contemplating taking my life. Mostly, this suicidality had … Continue reading

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“Draw a Heart on Your Wrist, Change the World”

To Write Love On Her Arms by aglanceatmyworld on Flickr Beautiful readers and wonderful friends, I’ll preface this post by saying this: You know mental illness is an issue that’s very dear to me, not just as a person who … Continue reading

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