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Facebook, Fruit Eggrolls + Vintage Vibrators: Confetti 9.9.2011

TGIF! Enjoy this week’s Confetti. The Seven Most Ridiculously Amazing Things About Beyonce.I love how intelligent she comes across as when she speaks. Not to mention how glam she is! Fierce. These fruit eggrolls look delicious. Amanda Palmer fans, you … Continue reading

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Mason Jar Meals

This brilliant idea¬† makes me hungry… So I can’t help but share it! Mason Jar Meals are jars containing food stacked in layers. You can take them with you when you’re on the go and mix your salad, pasta or … Continue reading

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Happy Passover!

One of my favourite Passover treats! Photo by sugar-bliss gnome on Flickr. Passover was always a warm, happy time, for me as a child, full of good food and lots of time spent with family and friends. We dressed our … Continue reading

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Confetti 15.4.2011

Happy Friday, my dears! Here’s your Confetti. Real Simple’s 11 Fun Things To Do On a Rainy Day makes me wish for a downpour. Catherine Zeta-Jones has come out as Bipolar. If you’re a hummus fiend like I am, you’ll … Continue reading

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Confetti 8.4.2011

I hope you’re enjoying your Friday evening! This week’s Confetti features oatmeal-chocolate-raisin cookies, awesome summertime events at Harbourfront, an interview with Cory Monteith and more. Haha! These cookies look delicious. Click through for the recipe! There are so many awesome … Continue reading

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Confetti 11.3.2011

The house from Disney’s Up has been recreated! See above photo, plus more here. Want to help Japan? Here are some great ideas. Uxbridge Public Library is having a Giant Used Book Sale 16-19 April. I’m from North York (as … Continue reading

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When is the last time you really savoured a meal?

Try following Geneen Roth’s “Basic Rules To Eat By”: 1. Eat when you are hungry. 2. Eat sitting down in a calm environment. 3. Eat without distractions. 4. Eat what your body wants. 5. Eat until you’re satisfied. 6. Eat … Continue reading

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