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“Blurgh!” [Halloween 2011]

I’m totally not spending Halloween like this… Really! Um… I didn’t expect to spend Halloween like this… doing homework, wearing pjs, watching 30 Rock reruns with no one but my boyfriend’s cat to keep me company. I was contemplating staying … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Becca!

I celebrated my twentieth birthday today. I believe that, no matter your age, you have wisdom to impart to the world. So here’s mine: • Do what makes you happy. • It’s okay to be different. In fact, you will … Continue reading

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A Year of Books + Films

When I turned 19, I decided to record every book I read and film I watched for a year. The whole project made me more mindful of the media I consume every day + what interests me. I discovered a … Continue reading

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All-American Bucket List

I’ll be spending a few months in America this Autumn, so I think it’s imperative to have a few “all-American experiences”! Here’s my ‘bucket list’. * Eat a Dunkin’ Donuts donut! Ever since I was little, this seemed like such … Continue reading

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20 Before 20 [Updated for the last time until I turn 20!]

First posted 17 May 2011. Updated 12 July 2011. Updated 12 September 2011– last update before I turn 20! I can’t believe I’ll be 20 in less than a month. Sometimes I feel like a child; sometimes I feel so … Continue reading

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TiLT 8.9.2011

I know Things I Love Thursday is usually about little things that make us happy, but this week I also have some bigger thrills to divulge! Firstly, yesterday was mine and Kamen’s anniversary!! I am grateful beyond words to have … Continue reading

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the past few days…

The past few days have been really hard. I keep alternating between two different moods, thanks to my Borderline. 1 I push everyone away, am angry or sad, don’t trust anyone, feel like breaking something, or 2 I’m desperate to … Continue reading

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