Hello + welcome!!

Get acquainted with etched in tin with this little FAQ. If you still have questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!!

What does etched in tin mean?

In The Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man went on an adventure with Dorothy and her friends as moral support as well as to find a heart of his very own. And as we found out, he was full of love– he had ‘had a heart’ all along.

He wore his heart on his (shining, sheet metal) sleeve. And so do I. My passions and affections are on proud display. My words are poetry etched in tin.

My promise to you, the reader, or, what makes etched in tin special?:

I will share the intimate details of my struggles with mental illness. I will share secrets from my life as a young woman just finding her way– emotionally, mentally, sexually, career-wise.

Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I fuck up, big time. But if I fall down, I get right back up and dust myself off. The world needs more stories of people like me. “Normal” in most every way– average size, average education, average socio-economic status– but extraordinary in that I have dreams and the world can watch me achieve them.

This blog is a window into my life. Better yet, it’s a means for us (yes, you + I!!) to share what we learn along our journeys, to help each other through the fallouts and to celebrate the successes.

Some bloggers prefer to stay anonymous; I would rather be a whole, approachable person with tangible ideas.

etched in tin is a haven for all of us: dreamers, (so-called) oversharers, romantics, artists and outcasts. Come be you, and become the best you, you can be.

What’s your mission?

Starting today, let’s embrace who we are. One day at a time, let’s live passionately. Let’s celebrate ourselves, each other and who we become. And let’s be as open and honest as we can, with the world, with each other and especially with ourselves.

Welcome to etched in tin.

xox Becca