Full-Fat Frappuccinos

Why is a fat person in leggings with a venti frappuccino regarded with pity (if not scorn), while her skinny counterpart is ‘a fashionista’?

No, Starbucks Barista, my dress size does not suggest that my frap should be fat-free.
Yes, I’m sure I want fries with that.
And yes, I’ll rock skintight pants if I want to.

I’m sick of being judged for the curve of my hips, the roundness of my stomach, the fullness of my chin. My body is built this way. Sure, I could diet obsessively, exercise ceaselessly, engage in fervent self-loathing. In fact, I’ve done all of that before. But the majority of people who lose weight gain it all back and self-loathing does absolutely no one any good. I would know.

So here’s a radical idea: instead of focusing on my eating habits, my clothing or my frame, consider this: there’s something to that adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

And if you really want to look at peoples’ bodies, feast on this: people come in all different shapes and sizes. Each and every one of them is beautiful, from the tiny to the rotund and everywhere in between.

About etchedintin

| Rebecca | I love sparkles, books and making people feel good about themselves. | Writer @ etched in tin | Media Consultant and Co-facilitator for The Selectively Silent Child |
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  1. Hello.This post was really motivating, particularly since I was investigating for thoughts on this subject last Saturday.

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