Things I Learned About Myself in the Big Apple

NYC as seen from the Staten Island Ferry. Photo by Rebecca Gorenkoff, Etched In Tin.

During my just-shy-of-3-days in NYC last week, I had time for lots of introspection + self-exploration. Here’s what I found:

1 I’m much better with directions than I thought. While it’s true that I get lost in my own city of Toronto, where I’ve spent all my life, I’m able to figure out which bus to take, which way Avenues versus streets go and how to ask for directions if (read: when) I need them. This comes in handy all the time!

2 I love taking pictures. I’ve known this for a long time, but it became more apparent than ever during my trip. I gleefully snapped photos of buildings in The Bronx, artifacts in The Museum of Sex, the Statue of Liberty… Even a few of pretzels. Photography is a great way to express one’s self while keeping track of time and memories, so you’ll see lots more photos (by me) on Etched In Tin.

3 I think I now understand how new Torontonians feel when they see the C. N. Tower. Seeing the Statue of Liberty up close is surreal. She’s so much smaller than literature leads one to believe, yet she’s larger than life. The moment you witness a landmark you’ve heard about all your life but never actually seen is magical.

4 I’m more capable of interacting with strangers than I thought. This is a revelation! I’m quite shy by nature, so learning that I can hold a conversation with ease was quite a confidence boost.

Do you find that travelling offers you learning experiences? When’s the last time you learned something about yourself?

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  1. kahlua drink says:

    It was nice to read your post. Thank you for posting this piece!

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