Facebook, Fruit Eggrolls + Vintage Vibrators: Confetti 9.9.2011

TGIF! Enjoy this week’s Confetti.

The Seven Most Ridiculously Amazing Things About Beyonce.I love how intelligent she comes across as when she speaks. Not to mention how glam she is! Fierce.

These fruit eggrolls look delicious.

Amanda Palmer fans, you probably already know, but… There’s an Evelyn Evelyn graphic novel coming out soon! Check out this MTV Geek interview with Amanda Fucking Palmer.

Hey, fatshionistas! Domino Dollhouse has a new divine collection of dresses out.

If you’re a fan of Facebook you’ll ‘like’ this one… Facebook Like Button Cupcake.

Check out this vintage vibrator advertisement from a 1960s lingerie catalogue (via Dita Von Teese)!

Have a great weekend!

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| Rebecca | I love sparkles, books and making people feel good about themselves. | Writer @ etched in tin | Media Consultant and Co-facilitator for The Selectively Silent Child |
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