4 Reasons To Visit Orlando, Florida

After spending three lovely weeks in Florida, I’d love to share some tips for making your trip to the Sunshine State fantastic.

+ If hot weather makes you happy, tropical Florida is your ideal destination, year-round. Just remember sunblock and lots of cold drinks.

+ Pick your travel partner wisely. Spending an entire three weeks with my Love has been bliss (especially because we’re usually long-distance). If a romantic getaway isn’t your cup of tea, why not travel with a couple close friends?

+ Don’t skip Disney World!! I was surprised to find that adults are just as thrilled by “the happiest place on earth” as kids are. It’s entirely worth the trip, for the nostalgia of reliving your Disney-imbued childhood, although the confectioneries, shows and rides are an awesome bonus. The amusement park is also a classic romantic getaway, so you and your lover can have a great time spending a weekend on roller coasters or at a luxe resort.

+ Enjoy the sun, sand + sea!! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to the ocean this time, but a trip to Florida is a perfect opportunity to visit the ocean. The state is unique in that it’s bordered by both the Atlantic and Pacific. Plus, its beaches are world-famous!

 Thank you to Visit Orlando for helping with my research needs.

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One Response to 4 Reasons To Visit Orlando, Florida

  1. mlleaurore says:

    I’m totally late to this post but I went to Disney, 2 years ago now with my bestie and we had such a blast! We did a day at Epcot, one at Hollywood Studios and finally the Magic Kingdom. I need to go back as I never made it to Downtown Disney! It’s so much fun and you appreciate everything more.

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