TiLT 21.7.2011

Ready for this Thursday’s dose of gratitude and whimsy? :)

Things which made me smile this week:

♥<3 Returning home after a long time away. I love you, Toronto.

♥<3 Late-night pizza dinners. Last night my bus stopped in Baltimore, where I bought a slice of bacon + veggie pizza to eat on the way to NYC. It was magnificent.

♥<3 Laughing during sex. Most people think it kills ‘the mood’; I think it demonstrates how comfortable you are with your partner. Plus, isn’t being intimate supposed to be fun?

<3 Chocolate chip poptarts. Yum.

♥<3 Earrings. Last week, I got my ears (lobes) pierced! Kamen held my hand :3 I keep walking by mirrors and going “ohhh my ears! Sparkly!”. I can’t help myself. :)

What made you smile this week?

About etchedintin

| Rebecca | I love sparkles, books and making people feel good about themselves. | Writer @ etched in tin | Media Consultant and Co-facilitator for The Selectively Silent Child |
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