Confetti 31.12.2010

Confetti: It’s not the reason for going to a party, but it makes celebrating more fun! Confetti won’t make up the bulk of etched in tin‘s content, but sharing clickables and tidbits of info will brighten your day and mine :)

Here we go!!

The new year is a perfect time to assess your life; what’s working and what could use some polish. But is starting from scratch necessary?

Seeing Ellen&Portia so happy together always make me smile! Are you spending time with your SO this NYE?

How cool is this?! A drive-thru sex shop!

The Frisky’s Favorite Girl Talk Columns will make for some fun reading.

Happy new year!!

About etchedintin

| Rebecca | I love sparkles, books and making people feel good about themselves. | Writer @ etched in tin | Media Consultant and Co-facilitator for The Selectively Silent Child |
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